I often work on my own.  When working for a client, it is very often from home and involves creating content or marketing material which requires research and self-organised activity with weekly reviews.  Then there are my own projects that I am trying to develop in the long-term; although they need input from other people and I also aim to ask for feedback and advice from mentors and associates that I trust, this does not happen every day.

Some days it is easy to make progress, others it is difficult to get started.  Always there is the danger of distractions. There are no team members with whom to share each day the progress and the frustrations; there is rarely anyone whose work reminds me to get on with my own. So I am constantly on the lookout for new ways of working or tools that will help me to be more focused and get things done.

Today I signed up for a trial of iDoneThis.  Very simply this will send me an email at the end of each weekday asking me to state what I have achieved during the day; I am currently reviewing five possibiliities for new projects and so the email will focus on the progress made in evaluating them and choosing which one(s) to take forward.

Writing things down has been shown to help you focus on what needs to be done.  Will writing down my daily achievements encourage me when I have made good progress and spur me on when things have not gone well?

The 14 day trial will help me find out.

What tools or tips do you use to motivate and focus when you work on your own. Do comment below