The latest monthly briefing from Trendwatching talks about the trend for everyone to want things in real time – information now, goods now. They call this “Nowism” (they love their buzzwords).

Wanting everything now is often driven by greed and the desire for self-gratification but the article interestingly points out that some of the drive for instant information and feedback may also be a conscious choice for social media and spending time on networking rather than on consumption of goods with all the underlying worry that too many goods are causing great ecological harm.

It may be only a tiny part of the reason, but social media to save the planet definitely has a future.

Five Ways to Generate Keywords from LyrisHQ

A useful article showing you how you might find useful keywords in the long tail and so reduce your cost per click.

It shows how to check for keywords currently being entered, how to look for other possible keywords already on different websites and how to generate possible new keywords.

Some of the techniques mentioned use Lyris software (at least to implement them more efficiently) but most are generalised.

Worthwhile summary