IT as aid to being Carbon Neutral

IT as aid to being Carbon Neutral

Because of the work I am doing on promoting the AIB’s People’s Choice vote for the “Best Coverage of Climate Change” award, I have been looking at many articles and videos on the Internet that cover green and environmental issues.

I have just watched Mike Yourwerth from Meet The Boss TV being interviewed on Tesco’s Green IT initiatives. He made two points I found particularly interesting for those of us involved in IT :

  • green IT is not just about reducing the carbon impact of the IT itself but how IT can help the whole business to operate in an environmentally better way
  • never forget the “I” in “IT”. The technology is there as a tool to provide the information for whatever organisation it is serving, turning the raw data into usable, accessible, rapid answers to questions and information for decisions

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All Consuming

I am in the middle of work to highlight the AIB’s People’s Choice award for “Best coverage of climate change”. This is an international media award where entries from broadcasters all over the world are put on internet sites where they can freely be viewed – and then the viewers vote for their favourite.

The entries have now closed and lots of well known global organisations have entered. The shortlist is being prepared and will be announced shortly – you can to to to register for more information.
Currently I am working on the social media campaign to encourage voting among interested groups. For example, with UltraKnowledge (UKn) we are developing a climate change portal ( which automatically pulls in and indexes articles and blogs from all over the web.
The work is involving me following lots of websites and groups concerned with climate change and environmental issues. One of them is I really like the short video on their site illustrating the concept of “all consuming” i.e. not wasting things
Hope you enjoy it