Progress with iDoneThis

Progress with iDoneThis

I have been using iDoneThis for just over 3 weeks now.

It is really simple to use.  You set up the project(s) and then are prompted regularly to fill in the progress you have made.  You type in some text and can include tags.  Progress items can be reviewed with a simple calendar or on a list.

As I said when I mentioned I was going to use this tool in my last blog post, I am using it for projects that I am doing on my own.  And I have come to the conclusion that I am not getting the best from it because I am not using it in a team environment.

It is a good discipline to write down the progress I have made and sometimes the daily mails remind me to focus on the next steps.  But I tend to track my work anyway in a daily time planning spreadsheet, so I am not gaining much.  The othe feature that could be useful is the ability to review individual small steps to see how long they took and when I was able to achieve them.  So far, I have not found the need to do this.

If I was in a team, I am sure it would be motivational to share progress and to see the progress others were making.  So I will definitely put this utility on the list for future shared projects.  But for the time being I am going to stop using it.

One other good outcome from the test of using iDoneThis is that it has reminded me that I need more external feedback even on my own projects.  This is for two reasons: firstly, to make sure that I am working on developing services that will meet user needs in the future; secondly because of the stimulus that external feedback provides – hopefully good feedback but you can even use criticism as a motivator.

So a new habit for me to develop is to spend more time making and renewing contacts.