Why you need video content for effective marketing

Why you need video content for effective marketing

Search through the statistics in the article http://www.inc.com/larry-kim/visual-content-marketing-16-eye-popping-statistics-you-need-to-know.html and you will find that many of them tell you about the growth of video content on the web e.g. videos on Facebook’s news service have increased by 3.6x

However, the statistics that tell you about user reaction to images and videos are key to realising how powerful (and increasingly necessary) visual content is for your online content.  For example, the fact that posts with videos attract 3x more links than those that only have text.

Of course, none of the statistics PROVE that adding images or videos will increase the attraction of your posts; it could just be that people who write the most interesting posts are also those that care about illustrating them.  Given the way we have evolved to respond to movement and colour however, it is a pretty good bet that attractive images or videos will help you attract more attention for your content.

Have a look at all the statistics in the article and see which ones are relevant for your content marketing.


MovingMarketing is a new project I have been planning for a while. Its focus is to provide all businesses, but particularly small businesses (SMEs) with a simple method of producing and publishing videos (and also podcasts) that promote their brand, views, product and services.

What will set my service apart from the many existing video production services which nowadays are affordable for small businesses is combination of guidelines for how to produce messages which have impact together with tools for producing videos (and podcasts) as well as for promoting them.
And of course, the use of social media to engage and involve customers will be a key element, as will the ability to harness the power and connnectivity of mobile devices.
There will be great deal more detail in future posts

Visual marketing 101

The internet allows you to expand your contacts, to reach across geographic boundaries and to market yourself and/or your company and product to a target audience that can be in the millions or even billions.

But internet connections for networking or sales do not have the same richness of face to face meetings. There is no physical contact, such as maybe a handshake, and no visual clues as to how the other person is reacting. This puts much more emphasis on choosing the right words with which to communicate and being rigorous about asking for feedback.

But internet communications can be enriched by visual enhancements. Videos are becoming a tool that everyone can use.

But the first thing to do is always include a photo or avatar in your communications. Give the recipient a visual tag onto which to hang those word-borne messages you are trying to communicate