Growing reputations, leads and business

Developing marketing strategies and running marketing campaigns to


  • Engage your prospects and users
  • Target your market with precision
  • Make your offers more appealing

Working with you to identify and overcome the challenges of building awareness and developing a strong pipeline of leads

“The key is to review your situation and constraints.  This forms the basis for agreeing realistic marketing goals: improved visibility, more leads, higher sales and increased profit.   Then we set out and deliver the marketing actions to achieve these goals,  ”

Marketing is all about engaging with people

Marketing is about connecting and engaging with people in your target markets.  The focus will be on your existing clients as well as your prospects.  But it should also include your business partners, opinion formers and key suppliers.

It is built on two-way communication which reaches out to listen to their needs and pain points and then explains how your solutions can solve their problems.  It also provides the vital feedback on how to improve your solutions to better meet the changing needs in the market.  Engaging customers means showing them how you can benefit them in their own lives and businesses.

Today’s marketing requires you to understand and use all relevant forms of communication.  When choosing the right communications to use you must consider the latest channels available online and on mobile.

All communication needs to be built on a solid strategy of branding, product positioning, pricing and placement.  The strategy should identify the opportunities and goals, then set out the programme to achieve them.

Ultimately marketing must be judged by the results and achieving the KPIs, which is why I offer results-based marketing.

The company is based in Mayfield, East Sussex and has experience of working throughout the UK, Western Europe, the US and India.


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