I have just read an article by Sarah Pavey of MindTools about the need to set rules for communications within companies & groups to make interactions efficient.  It makes lots of good points about this very important subject.

But one point I disagree with.  For me short thank you emails are very worthwhile for a number of reasons

  1. they acknowledge that the recipient has seen the mail.  As the article points out, depending on the recipient you may not be sure that they will read your mails swiftly, and the thank you puts your mind at rest
  2. They show appreciation and we all need appreciation.  Even a thank you for something small can boost our feelings of positivity
  3. They build the relationship and team feeling.  This may be in a trivial way, but strong effects are constructed from many small actions
  4. Saying thanks reminds you of how you rely on others.
  5. It takes only a few seconds and saying thanks has a positive effect on you as well as on the receiver.
Although I am often swamped by email, I would gladly add another ten small thank you emails a day – and I will try to send them as well.