Yesterday I attended a webinar run by myPRGenie and given by Deb McAlister-Holland of Distribion. The topic was “Get heard and get your content to go viral” and Deb gave us some really useful advice to publish content and promote it so that your audience will pass it on.

Much of the advice was around using the right tools, planning what you are going to say as well as when and how, preparing the content and delivering it in the right way. She had lots of tips on topics such as the tools to use and the timing of messages – I suggest you follow Deb’s Distributed Marketing blog where you can learn from her experience.

Then today I watched one of Seth Godin’s TED presentations about standing out and being remarkable. For a while I wondered what Deb McAlister-Holland was doing that was outstanding since her output is certainly being remarked upon. Eventually I realised that through her hard work and dedication, she was consistently producing really interesting topics and making sure it was always presented in a way that drew people in. There is no one gimmick or element that on its own makes her stand out, but putting all her good ideas into practice makes her stand out.